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Spotify is out!!

oktober 4, 2010 by Toni
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spotify As the only site on the web, could tell you readers that Spotify would come for Windows Mobile/Phone.

Now its finally out!!

Now, I wrote “within a month” back then, because that was the latest news I got from my source. However, why it was delayed had to do with several things, one being that it was summer vacation in Sweden, and just there, approx 1-2 months are “lost”. Secondly, from a marketing perspective, its better if the product is presented near the Windows Phone 7 launch! So for those of you who doubted, and whined, and thought we weren’t a reliable site; “Told ya” ;)

So, today when Steve Ballmer was in Stockholm, the CEO of Spotify was up on stage and gave the good news!

Spotify is available via Marketplace!

Works with both Windows Mobile 6.x and Windows Phone 7.

For more information, click here.


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